About Me

Leron Gray (aka Ohm-I) was born in Brooklyn, NY on December 20, 1989. He started rapping in high school under the name MC Urkel and at the time didn’t realize that he unintentionally became part of a bigger nerdcore movement. After joining the Navy in 2008, Leron wrote a few more Navy related songs under the name “MC Urkel” until he realized that there were other nerdcore artists out there just like him. After writing one of his earliest songs “Analog Components” in 2010, in which one of the lines says “Fools can come at me like current with much persistence/But watch their voltage drop when they come across this resistance”, Leron changed his name to MC Ohm-I which was definitely more appropriate and original. In 2015, he dropped the "MC" out of his name because he was not only rapping, but singing and producing as well.

Even though Ohm-I has only been an “official” nerdcore rapper since 2010, he’s grown exponentially and shows just how weird and awkward he can be in his first official album “OHM-I GOODNESS!”. Though this was just a hobby at first, Ohm-I decided to continue his nerdcore career after having a successful first show in San Diego in 2012. Since then, he's performed at several conventions and shows across the U.S., making him known as one of the most entertaining, enunciating and bring-you-ratings nerdcore rappers in the scene.