WELL THEN! It's been a while since I've updated the site. Since you've last heard from me, I've taken out the "MC" in my name since I've also been doing a lot of producing and vocal arranging. Last year was very busy for me at work so I wasn't able to accomplish much musically and I've been feeling pretty lazy the last month or so. But my goal is to go on some kind of tour by October and to do that....I NEED NEW MUSIC!

SO! In order to keep this promise to myself and keep the entertainment going, I PROMISE I'll stop being so lazy and actually get to recording and releasing music.

THEREFORE! This week (aiming for Friday, 2/5/16) should see a release of the #NERDLOVEPROBLEMS EP. From there, I might release a random track or so every now and then but I will begin full work on an actual album to be released during the summer and hopefully with an appropriate tour. Till then, keep checking out my Bandcamp and Soundcloud for random stuff that may pop up.